Energy storage made simple. With an intelligent home battery.

Lower electricity costs

Thanks to the intelligence of QuiPower you will have significantly lower electricity costs. The system automatically uses stored electricity when it is expensive, and recharges the battery when the price drops.

energy supply

Store electricity from your solar panels in an intelligent battery. Use your solar energy even at night, or during a power outage.

Support the power grid

With support services in QuiPower, you can let your battery help balance the electricity grid when needed and be compensated for this.

Coming soon.

Increased energy comfort

Use electricity when and how you want, without compromises. That is what we call energy comfort.

More than just a battery

QuiPower is so much more than just a home battery. The intelligence of QuiPower is unique on the market. The system has its own brain and ensures that you get a safer and cheaper energy supply – completely automated

QuiPower is suitable for all properties – both residential and commercial properties.